Friday, August 11, 2006

Minute Muse

I snuck away this morning to get my much needed dose of nature. Actually, the last time I was out was the night before, with Dave, but one can never get enough. The past few days have been quite mild and water temperatures were a cool 60 F. The cloudless sky made the crystal clear water seem nonexistent, until I would step into holes that I thought were only inches deep to find they were much deeper.

last night, the Brook Trout were rising readily, and once again I managed to lose the best fish, landing only the naive juveniles. Dave managed to land a few at dusk.

It was a slow day today, although Blue Winged Olives and Caenis were proliferous. Today, instead of words, I leave you with a few shots that do a good job of telling the story.

This was taken using a camera phone, hence the poor quality - I'll try to keep these to a minimum

Gin clear water meant very spooky fish but this fellow fell for a BWO emerger pattern

A new stretch of river that shows some promise


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