Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Morning at the Office

I decided to readdress my wish to land that Coho this season and made my way to the lower river this morning with the centrepin gear in hand. To my delight, I was the only soul on my preferred stretch of river. As I breathed in the crisp fall air while assembling my 2 piece, Coho were rolling all around the pool.

Within the first few drifts, a female King aggressively took my offering and gave a series of determined head-shakes, and it was not until then did I become truly awake for nothing gets the blood flowing in the morning like a big angry fish on the end of your line. After a 3 minute battle, just as I thought she was ready to throw in the towel, she gave one last unexpected run upstream and was free.

I quickly retied and was drifting again within a few short minutes and redeemed myself with this female King.

It was certainly not a bad way to get the morning started, but it was not what I had come for. It didn't take long for another fish to take offence to what I had placed in its personal space.

But this time it was different. After a number of rapid and tenacious headshakes, it quickly became airborne, rotating, twisting and turning in mid-air. Wonderful hues of blue, grey, and silver flashed before my eyes. As it made its re-entry, it screamed through every corner of the pool and became aiborne once again. This fish was in the driver's seat and I was just along for the ride. As it began to tire, it resorted to head-shakes and rolling in my line, and I think it would have continued to do this for minutes longer if I hadn't managed to tail it.

Finally, a Coho in all its magnificence and beauty lay before me


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