Thursday, August 24, 2006

Still Kickin'

Fortunately, the camera has spared me, and is now in working order. The dissection-and-fan technique appears to have worked well and I put it right back on duty last Sunday (August 20th) during the Tricorythodes spinner fall. The weather was as volatile as it gets - sun for 5 minutes, rain for 10 minutes; then sun, then rain; all the while windy. Although the fall was sporadic, my buddy, Jeff and I managed a good hand full within a half an hour period.

It was a crowded day on the river, as it was the first weekend that the Tricos have appeared in good numbers, but we were able to find a nice quiet piece of water that held some enthusiastic Brook Trout. Although it was another enjoyable day on the water, I couldn't help but wonder what my old friend Pat was up to these days.

I wonder if he/she likes the Trico hatch as much as I. Only one way to find out. . .


Blogger Jessica said...

Wow, colorful and pretty fishy!

8:38 AM  

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