Monday, September 18, 2006

Autumn is Here!

Just as the Red-Breasted Robin signifies that spring is here, the arrival of Steelhead in our rivers and streams signifies the official arrival of Autumn - at least for the migratory salmonid fisherman.

While I was out strolling a wild trout stream yesterday, a friend of mine was stalking a south shore Lake Erie tributary in search of some early Steelhead. Due to exposed clay banks, last week's rain still left the river quite stained but cleared somewhat as the day progressed. The bite was at its peak midday and tapered off as the heat of the afternoon sun penetrated the water. Most of these early fish were in the 6-8 pound range with magnificent iridescent silver sides. These trips typically start by rising from bed at 3:00 am to arrive riverside at 6:45, to return home much after dark making for a very long day; but a small price to pay for any diehard steelheader.

Thanks to Dave for the great pictures and report.


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