Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Fond Farewell

This past week, I spent some time trying to flush the Steelhead bug from my system. Usually by the time the Trout Opening Day rolls around, I'm ready to pack in the Centrepin gear and ready the feather and fur. It took a wee bit longer this year, mostly due to the fact that I haven't been on the water nearly as much as I had hoped to this Spring.

Dave W had some decent success on a beautiful feeder creek of the Nottawasaga River on Opening weekend and suggested we take one last look-see on Wednesday. As usual Dave, started off the afternoon showing me how to catch fish. I got the idea after the first fish, but as any good friend would do, he showed me again with another.

Just before the last ray of sunlight left on its perpetual journey around the world, I was able to shake off the skunk with a 2-3lb female that graciously took my hook. . . whew, that was close.

Saturday, May 5, 2007 marked the last day of Steelheading for me this season. I reserved a little spot that has treated me well in previous years for this day. It did not let me down. To say there was a lot of wood to contend with would be an understatement. Numerous fish were hooked but only a handful were landed. The long distance release has always been my specialty anyway.

It was a perfect ending to a great Spring/Fall season. Tomorrow, I'm off to the Upper Credit River, fly rod in hand. . .I can hardly wait.

Farewell my friend. . .See you in a few months!


Blogger SD said...

Jeez.. I thought I was a die-hard Steelheader..

These temps do nothing more then fuel my disdain for warm-weather Steelheading. Better to let those last few do their duties & return from whence they came in peace..

Just personal opinion however

Back chasing down "piggies" Friday for me..Good luck (or belated) on your outting to the UC

11:32 AM  
Blogger BCM said...

SD, I agree wholeheartedly with your views of warm-water Steelheading. Cold nights last week kept water temps down, keeping conditions favourable.

Now, the Steelhead bug is officially gone, and I'm ready for the "pigs" and the "hogs", as you would say, but even a piglet or two will be enough to make me giddy.

Thanks for the good luck wishes - I just might need it ;-)

BTW, I hope this is the last time you change your blog name/address - now I have to change my sidebar link. . .again - geesh! ;-)

1:28 PM  

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