Saturday, December 16, 2006

In the Company of an Old Friend

Thursday (December 13th) I was to meet up with an old friend. We had never met, but we had bantered about in the electronic world of cyperspace for years. This old friend was none other than fellow blogger and fly fishing/centrepinning hybrid, SD from Chasing Silver.

On SD's blog, he refers to himself as ". . .one of the most despised people on related forum boards. . . " yet he is a class act and a rich encyclopedia of knowledge. He blew my mind as he spoke of his vast collection of fishing artifacts from the past and his knowledge of all things in the world of fishing gear was impressive. It was a true pleasure to talk fishing with him. I even had the opportunity to try out a prototype centrepin and float rod that he is sampling for a couple manufacturers - that was cool!

Unfortunately, his fishing time was limited and the fish were uncooperative, but sometimes the fries are just as good without the gravy. Next time we'll do some fishing.

As he made his way home, I continued my efforts Westward, and was able to find some prime water holding a good number of fish. As it was late in the day, this well trodden area had been thoroughly fished prior to my arrival, but I managed to negotiate a tug-of-war with one spunky male.

The best part of this stop, though, was chatting it up with an older retired gentleman who has as much passion for the sport as I. His 35 or so year head start showed as he pulled 2 lovely specimens from under my nose. I was thrilled to watch this man fight these fish wearing an ear-to-ear smile as if each one was his first. I want to be just like that when I grow up.


Blogger lambton said...

BCM nice write up. I had a similar experience today were I met a gentlemen of 69 years on my home trib. He told me he had been fishing steelhead for 40 years or so. I was impressed and wish I may be so lucky as to have the physical prowess to persure this passion at that age.

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