Monday, November 20, 2006

Big Things Can Happen on the Bighead River

. . . And it did. Unfortunately, I was not there to witness it. This week's report comes from Dave (Wallacio), as he pulls off another stellar day on one of Southern Ontario's prime Steelhead rivers; the Bighead.

The Bighead's headwaters reside in the Niagara Escarpment near the town of Chatsworth, Ontario and empties into Nottawasaga Bay (an Inlet of Georgian Bay) in the town of Meaford. In Dave's words, the Bighead". . . is a classic Steelhead river (sections of it anyway). The area I visited is the most popular and it consists of a riffle, run, pool structure with considerable gradient and a large, round granite boulder substrate. It reminds me of a BC Steelhead river in miniature".

As always, he eloquently paints a vivid picture of the state of fishing that day.

"Despite the cold water and snow squalls,the fish have yet to settle into winter mode....all of my fish were hooked in fast water (runs, tailouts and pocket water)...the slower pools did not produce at all. The hits were aggressive (decisive float take-downs and I even had multiple "shots" at a few fish...I missed burying the hook on the first pass, only to drive it home on the next drift!) but there were no aerials".

All fish were over 25 inches and one exceeded the 30 inch mark as it lay on the cusp of double digit weight. With fish of such class, I say, who needs aerials?

A thick caudal wrist and broad caudal fin means only one thing - sheer power!

When unable to escape the confines of the life that doesn't involve fishing (like this weekend) I always enjoy going on virtual fishing trips through great fishing reports.

Once again, Dave did not disappoint.
Handsome in Pink

All photos courtesy of Wallacio


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This appropriately sets the tone for my "road trip" there within the next few days..

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