Monday, November 06, 2006

Overcast skies, Emerald Green Water: The Makings of a Perfect Day?

This past weekend, I had fully intended on focusing on parts of my everyday life not involving the "F-word" (as my wife puts it), but like a bad addiction, it sucked me back in. I admit it, I am a fishing junkie; but I have a hunch I'm stating the obvious.

An invitation to head out to a Western tributary that is starting to heat up was tantalizing, but I begrudgingly declined this full day trip to keep world order in the household.

With the opportunity to escape for a few hours on Sunday, I headed out with my brother-in-law, Jeff, in exploration of some new water. The trek was a challenging one, as the terrain was unforgiving. We stopped for a break to admire the work of the neighbourhood beaver.

We were paid dividends upon arrival at our destination, as it was an oasis of deep pools, current breaks, seams and tail-outs - I thought I had stumbled upon heaven. It didn't take long for the first fish to find my offering. She did not take kindly to my presence and went on a series of heart-stopping runs before Jeff skillfully netted her; it turned out she was the largest for me from this river to date.

The fish that deserves honourable mention, however, is the one shown below. This girl was wild! From the moment of hook-set, she was flying through the air in rhythmic fashion. 7 acrobatic maneuvers were counted, the most consecutive leaps through the air I have witnessed from a Steelhead. I wonder who the lucky male is?

This day was a day of beautiful fall weather, a fantastic stretch of newly discovered river, exceptional fish, and great company. It was indeed a perfect day.

I would feel awful if I didn't give the next fish the airtime that she deserves because she illustrates so beautifully that it's not the size that matters.


Blogger SD said...

Those un-scheduled jaunts into un-chartered territory & the un-known that they hold are truely the gems of our sport.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Joseph A. said...

That last fish has a ridiculously small noggin. Looks like one of those hideous monstrosities from WNY, though it clearly is not.

Aside of that, beautifully done.

3:24 PM  
Blogger BCM said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess ;-)

I do agree that it certainly does not look like the others caught from this tributary. There's always the off chance this fish did not hatch from its pristine headwaters, and conversely was born in an aerated tank. . .who knows.

3:35 PM  

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