Friday, November 24, 2006


I lost a big brute today that took me to parts of the river that were impassable. Have you ever tried to cross a roaring section of the river where you felt your feet lifting off the bottom, as you balanced perilously on the only portion of your boot's sole still in contact with the unstable sediment? That's when I made the judgement call that it just wasn't worth it, and decided to forget the lessoned learned for the time being. The big male continued its run downstream, and all I could do was hold on as it stripped line. He became so distant that I could no longer see where my line was leading. Then, I felt one last tug, and my line went limp. He had spat the hook.

But if I had to sum up this morning, I would describe it as serene. It sure is nice when it's just the river. . . .and me.


Blogger lambton said...

There are defining moments that we all retain with us throughout the years. I trust this days events will be with you for a while.
Great story, you have me longing for a weekend outing.

5:29 PM  

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