Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Benefits of a Good Skunking

I could say that river conditions were less than ideal (which it was); I could say that our fishing time was very limited (which it was); I could say I was viciously attacked by a fawn that mistook me for its mother, as it took its disappointment out on me when it could not find an udder (okay, that may be stretching it a little), but the fact of the matter is that I reeked of skunk as I lumbered my way back to the car.

Unfortunately, tomato juice won't wash this one from the record, but when you have a good number of these under your belt over the years like me, you learn to be an optimist. At least I didn't go for a swim in the ice cold water. At least I didn't lose as much terminal tackle as I usually do. At least I was able to sneak away from the office without any consequence (if my boss should read this, I'm just kidding - really). At least my arms aren't tired.

Besides I wouldn't want to have one of those over-sized heads that some of those unfortunate folks that never get skunked possess. I'm proud to say that my head is proportionate to the rest of me.

And I had a chance to share a few drifts with Dave, and catch up on the latest and greatest in the realm of Steelheading.

On days when the smell of skunk is in the air, I'm given the opportunity to look up and away from the river's flow, soak in my surroundings, the beauty of the natural world, and be thankful that I still have a little piece of paradise only a short drive away. Now that's what I call fishing.

Everyone needs a good skunking. . . . once in a while.

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