Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'So Many Fish, So Little Time" - A Book Review

With severe thunderstorm warnings, gun-metal grey skies, and upwards of 30 mm of rain expected today, what better time to get reaquainted with the comforts of the indoors with a book about the outdoors?

I was recently given the opportunity to review a book by Mark D. Williams entitled, "So Many Fish, So Little Time - 1,001 of the World's Greatest Backcountry Honeyholes, Trout Rivers, Blue Ribbon Waters, Bass Lakes, and Saltwater Hot Spots". Mark is an avid angler and author of books such as, "Trout Fishing Sourcebook" and "Nuts and Bolts Guide for the Backpacking Flyfisher" - Hmm, it seems he has an affinity for trout. I like him already.

As the title states, the book is a worldwide compendium of water systems and the fish that they hold . It's organized by region and covers water from the urban fishing destinations like the 59th Street Pond in Central Park for bass to remote getaways like the Aberdares in Kenya for wild stream trout. Each body of water is given a brief description, and lists the species that inhabit it. It is then followed by a list of resources such as charters, guides, accommodations and angling shops that cater to the area.

As you may have guessed, there are a few more than 1001 bodies of water in the world so it was no doubt a daunting task to narrow down the list. Although the book includes a good number noteworthy locales in Canada, Mexico, the Carribean, Central/South America, Europe, Africa and the South Pacific, the majority of the destinations reside in the United States. It isn't until page 572 (out of 860) that you cross the U.S border and enter the rest of the world.

Mark explains, "When I put this book together, I had to figure out which fisheries I was going to include. A river or lake that's in close proximity to your house has a lot of value - you can get there more frequently, and that combined with good (not great fishing) can make a river/lake/inshore/offshore spot a superb fishing experience".

In his narrative writing style, he goes on to say, "I was determined to write a book of fishing dreams. A book of dreams, a wish list of all the best places in the world to fish. This is a sit-on-the-pot type of book" - I would have to agree with Mark on that one. Some of the my best dreams and ideas began on the pot.

My wife once agreed that wherever we vacation, I can dedicate one day to fishing; she has probably already forgotten ever mentioning this, but it's the first thing that comes to my mind when picking that next destination. To this end, I'll be adding this book to my list of tools.

Now I know that the next time I'm in LA, I can drop my wife off at Rodeo Drive and find myself on Piru Creek fishing for wild trout within an hour - cool.

I'll worry about the visa bill later.


Blogger SD said...

Vacation & fishing are in the pre-nuptuals for me..

All cool about "Trout" waters ...but.. 80% of the World is covered by Ocean... you really wanna fish fresh-water all the time ??

6:51 AM  
Blogger BCM said...

"Vacation & fishing are in the pre-nuptuals for me.." - Yeah? Where are you "dreaming" of?

As we talked about, Steve, after jumping that tarpon in Florida last year, I'm determined to land one. The power of saltwater fish is unparalleled.

8:18 AM  
Blogger SD said...

Well if it's Freshwater.. I could do the 'Horn (Bighorn) Maddison, S. Platte or maybe even the Fire-Hole..

Salt ? I'd be happy cruising the beaches from St.Pete's down to the Keys' easily enough.

Highly doubt my Nicotine, Caffine & Ibuprofen fueled "Steelheader's Diet" of the last 15yrs or so, could handle the Baja & Roosters' ala Frank Smethurst & "Running Down the Man"...Even as much as I could dig that life style..

Seriously..Fish all day & then go party at Sammy's place (Cabo Wabo) all night..What's NOT to like about that??

1:58 PM  
Blogger BCM said...

It all sounds good to me! "So Many Fish, So Little Time", as Mark D. Williams would say.

By the way, the "Running Down Man" film by "Felt Soul Media" is incredible. I can think of a few fisherman that would have a cardiac event on the spot if they tried that. Better get started on my Tai Bo regimen.

According to a link from the "Fishing Jones" blog, Tarpon is starting to heat up the SW FLA.

2:18 PM  
Blogger SD said...

RDtM...Has become a new mantra for me since my Wife got it for me.. Travis & Co did a fantastic job on "The Hatch" as well..

Mellow out & fish...s'just a fish & s'all good (hey I said that to a fellow blogger a couple a seasons ago..)

As for the 'Poon update ??

Thanks.. I was tryin hard to NOT look at the "Chasing Silver" DVD during April/May LOL

5:48 PM  

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