Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's so nice to be back

Hmm, where did I leave off. Oh yes, the Trico hatch (or of more signifance to the fly fisherman - the Trico fall). Well, the life cycle of these adorned little creatures came and went without me for the most part, although I did have one last horrah the morning of September 30th - our last day of trout season. It seemed my old jewelled friends had an affinity for authenticity, as they let my replicas float on by 998 times out of 1000 casts. Persistence is key.
Feather and fur - yummy

My last Brooky of the 2007 season
The start of the migratory salmon fishing season also began and ended without me. Although I was able to get out for a few brief respites during the run, I have gone without a Coho this season and it may have been my last chance on my home river. Stocking of this beautiful species ceased on the Credit River about 3 years ago, and natural reproduction has been insignificant. My only hope of reuniting with this favourite salmonid may have to occur stateside or incidentally at the Strip Mall. I had made my acquaintence with few Kings that have seen better days, and who were far from photo-worthy.

Steelhead had quietly entered some of my previously fabled streams, and I had the opportunity to welcome them at the door on Thanksgiving weekend. I was suprised that although it had been 5 months since Steelheading, my long distance release skills had not waivered. After illustrating this great skill on 2 respectable specimens, I finally greeted my first "Steelhead" (note - about 16"es of chrome) of the season.

Dave, in the usual fashion, won the battle with a fish that could have swallowed mine.
Fast forward to today. Today was a good day. After a long week away from home, and in the midst of home renovations, I escaped for a few hours to one of my favourite places. With kilometres of river all to myself, I felt I could finally breath for the first time in months. I realized how much I had missed the sound of silence. I also realized how much I had missed the fiery explosion of the water's surface and the rocket-propelled runs of fresh run Steelhead. Today, I reunited with both.

Gotta love the Fall